Opening Hours : Mon to Sat : 8:30 am to 9:00 pm
  Tel. : +30 2289 100101

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  • Equipped with <span>modern infrastructure</span>

    Equipped with modern infrastructure

Health in Palmos

Palmos is a state of the art equipped clinic and it’s doctors, dr.Stefanakos and dr.Liapis are able to assist you in any kind of emergency and chronic diseases. Plus we have a team of associate doctors nearby as partners.

General Medicine

General Medicine

Acute and chronic diseases, diagnosis and treatment.

Emergency Medicine



1) Cardiovascular examination

2) Echocardiography exam (GE ultrasound T-8 Pro, Echopac,AFI)

3) 24h ABPM (24h ambulatory blood pressure measurement)

4) 24-168h monitoring of cardiac rhythm

5) 12-Channel ECG

Associate Doctors

Associate Doctors
(Laboratory, Ultrasounds, CBCT)
(Cosmetic Dermatology)
(Osteopathy, kinesiotherapy, physiotherapy, Yoga)

Meet our Doctors

Here are the doctors in Palmos

dr. Stefanakos Ioannis

General Practitioner | +30 6934187198

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dr. Liapis Serafeim

Cardiologist | +30 6944156136

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